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ECO 201 Paper



  • Further understand the economic way of thinking and the accounting implications.
  • Give you an incentive to think critically about course information.
  • Apply economic principles and accounting principles to firms at microeconomic level in the U.S.


Goal: Construct a case study/research paper that examines a firm in the U.S. from a microeconomic standpoint and provide suggestions based on your findings.

  • Step 1: Choose a firm for your focus. In addition to picking a firm that you find interesting, you will likely want to pick a firm that has available data (or a firm that for which you can personally provide data). Publicly traded companies file reports with a great deal of data (preferred).
  • Step 2: You will need to complete an analysis of the following categories for your firm. You should complete each section as we cover it in the course – although the paper is not due until the end of week 7. This will help you to reinforce topics from the course. The following must be included:


NOTE: Be sure to break your paper into the following sections with headings:

  • What does your firm do? Introduce your firm (week 1)
  • How have supply and demand conditions impacted the firm in recent years? (week 2)
  • Examine price elasticity of demand for the products your firm sells. (week 3)
  • Examine the costs of production for your firm. (week 5)
  • What is (are) your firm’s primary competitive advantage(s)? (Week 6)
  • Are there entry barriers for firms in this industry? (Week 6)
  • What substitutes are available for your product? (Week 6)
  • What is the market share for firms in the industry? (Week 6)
  • What market structure best describes the conditions your firm faces? (Week 6/7)
  • Based on the characteristics of your firm, provide advice regarding what you think the firm should do going forward and provide a prediction of their future. (Week 7)

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