ECN200 What factors characterise under and over-employment

contents SPSS analysis.

What factors characterise under and over-employment?
The file ECN cwk 12.sav contains a sample of over 53,000 individuals from Q1 of the 2010 UK Labour Force Survey. You will find data on the actual hours worked and desired hours, along with other personal and work-related characteristics. Your research should investigate variation in the differences between actual and desired employment hours.
 In specifying your equation, make sure you meet the technical requirements of the brief which are detailed below.
 Write up your work in the style of a short academic journal article (e.g. in the style of articles published in Applied Economics or Applied Economics Letters journal published by Taylor-Francis).
 Your article should be roughly around 2-2,500 words excluding abstract, tables, appendices and bibliography.

Topic: under (and over) employment
Sample of around 53,000 individuals from the UK Labour Force Survey, 2010.1
Respondents are asked what there actual working hours are
Also asked how many more or fewer hours they would liked to have worked
From these two variables you should be able to construct a dependent that measures the quantity of under or over-employment for each individual
Your task is to explore the causes of variation in this measure

Econometric analysis should be written up in the style of an academic journal article
2-2.5k words, excluding abstract, tables, appendices and references
What is an academic journal article?
High time you found out!
Applied Economics and Applied Economic Letters are good examples of journals that publish this kind of short, empirically-based work (see on MetaLib)
Read some articles, plus you will have to read other articles as part of your literature review. Mimic their structure, style of writing and look.

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