Domestic Violence Victims

-Orphans that were abused by staff in east coast community, medical student raped and dies of her injuries in India, Hurricane Sandy, The recent release of Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma, Shooting of people in a Colorado movie theater, Any sexual assault reported in the press in the recent past, housing crisis on First Nations reserves, The imprisoning of 2 Pussy Riot Movement Members, any homicide reported in the press in the recent past, The Costa Concordia tragedy, The Sandy Hooks Tragedy, The Montreal Massacre, the 8 homicide in St. Thomas, Ontario, Any story where someone was wrongly accused of committing an illegal or immoral act, Bulling of Amanda Todd. TOPIC DISCOURAGED: Domestic Violence Victims (As there is a parallel course this tis subject)

You Paper must cover issues outlined in the primary test:
1) Description of the event as covered in the media
2) A review of the prevalence (How often is estimated to occur, etc.) of this type of event
3) A literature review looking to some of the discussions surroundings this special victimization type
4) Indications of how we have come to understand this problem theoretically (do we see patterns, root causes, etc.)
5) Discuss why this is an important area of study
6) A description of the precursors, the event, and the aftermath of victimization
7) Effort of prevention in the area
8) A critique of what is lacking in the area of study and directions for future research

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