Discrimination and Prejudice

Part I.  Personal Connection


Describe your reactions, perceptions and significant insights gained from the reading and activities, being specific to demonstrate your engagement of ALL the readings.  So that means incorporate insights from all the material. That said, as you know, I’m not looking for a simple “report” on each reading…weave it together as you make connections and applications between the readings and to your life/society.  As you do, focus on these lines of thought:


Ÿ      What key things did you learn about prejudice and discrimination (for you? In general?)

Ÿ      What, if anything did you really identify with in the readings, the other activities?  Are you aware of times in your life where you (or someone you know/love) have maybe benefited from some angle of “privilege.”  Or, on the flip side, are you aware of a time where you personally experienced some unfavorable bias “against” you. (It may not have been intentional, but unfavorable bias is the flip side of “unearned privilege.”



Part II. Organization Application


How does discrimination or prejudice show itself (subtly or not) in an organization, group, or team with which you are or have been affiliated?  Again, this could be a past or present organization in your life. And, remember, prejudice and discrimination it doesn’t have to be ill-intended or malicious…sometimes these things are not at all intentional or evil but still impact people and/or situations inside or outside the organization. Describe enough of a situation concretely to provide context and use concepts from the readings in your response.

If you don’t think there is any bias happening in ANY organization you are (or ever have been) in, then think about your friends and family’s experience as a source of potential connection. Think again more carefully and perhaps revisit the readings to clarify the various forms or the ways we might do things (like slide 23 in audio/visual lesson 7…or think through the chapter 6 material more (that’s the Thomas chapter on Group Dynamics) and remember the power of self-fulfilling prophecy and fundamental attribution error, etc.  These things happen so often we hardly “see” them anymore unless we pay attention to notice.

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