diabetes presentation

You are a community health educator and you have been tasked with developing a presentation to be given in a setting to educate an audience on one specific kind of diabetes.
Identify your audience. Examples include the following:
Senior center
Middle school
A Workplace
Create a 250-350 word resource as a way to share this information. Examples include the following:
A social media page
An information pamphlet
A presentation
Consider the best method so it is crafted in an appropriate and understandable way for your identified audience.
Choose from the two following options, which kind of diabetes you\’ll be reporting on:
Option A: Type I
How society views diabetes (what society thinks it is versus what it actually is, common beliefs and practices)
Signs and symptoms
Compliance with treatment regimens
Impact on health care resources
Option B: Type II
How society views diabetes (what society thinks it is versus what it actually is)
Preventive measures
Making the right decisions to live a healthy life
Compliance with common beliefs
Impact on health care resources

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