Design the Training Plan; Use ADDIE Model

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Use the ADDIE model to develop a training plan that applies the analysis, and that includes the design, development, implementation, and evaluation components.

Using the ADDIE model, design a training plan based on the findings and training outcomes revealed in your TNA. Include a brief paragraph describing the organization and training issue.

The training plan should include the following, at a minimum:

1. Analysis – Discuss organizational and training goals and objectives, the target group, and the KSAs that should be expected of learners, which the training will address. (This is simply a short summary of what you did in assignment 1 and 2).

2. Design-Determine program format, length of training, and method of delivery. What will be the costs, and what resources will be needed from the organization?

3. Development – Outline what will be included in the program materials and activities. Consider communication tools, modules, learning aids, and assessment/evaluation tools.

4. Implementation – Give specifics on how you will implement and deliver training. Include any "train-the-trainer" pilots and plans for training.

5. Evaluation – Describe how you will evaluate this training in terms of effectiveness

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