.Describe the facts of the case and the subsequent investigations and criminal prosecution that followed.

Students will be required to complete an assignment concerning criminal investigations following an air accident including discussion of criminalization of a pilot and its role in preventing further accidents.
Topic: Criminalization of the aviation professionals
Choose an accident (ENERIFE AIROIRT DISASTER OR Other) where there was a criminal prosecution of aviation professionals whose actions / inactions played a role in a serious aviation accident.
It will be recomanded if you says about the TENERIFE AIROIRT DISASTER

1.Describe the facts of the case and the subsequent investigations and criminal prosecution that followed.

2.Who were the individual(s) prosecuted? Why them? What were their punishable mistakes? Do you think that there were any other contributing factors that may have led to that accident?

3.Outline the legal system in which the criminal prosecution took place.
4.Do you consider that the verdict of that specific case to be correct? Give a detailed
explanation for your answer.
5.What was the impact of the investigation and the trial on the individuals concerned, the
airline, the country?
6.Do you think there will be / there was a greater impact to that specific profession?
7.What is the impact of prosecuting aviation professionals on aviation safety? Explain your
answer and where possible support with original academic studies.
8.Explain what is meant by a just culture and how this impacts on prosecuting professionals
for their mistakes.
9.Do you think that a just culture is the way forward or just another means to avoiding

As a group, collate the information into a single written document. (This is not an essay but a written record of your work should be compiled.)
The written document must be submitted in addition to the actual presentation of the work.

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