CS660 – Database Systems

Chapter 20 “database systems thomas connolly carolyn begg 5th edition”, presents an overview of security threats to a
database system and presents various computer-based countermeasures to those
threats. Various stakeholder groups have different types of responsibilities
and roles in maintaining the integrity and security of the database. Consider
the following stakeholder groups:

Database administration staff (DBAs)

Database programmers and application developers

End users

1. For each stakeholder group, discuss the
following items based upon your reading, research and previous experience.
Explain your choices.
The two most important types or sources
of threats for that group that other groups may not encounter.

The two most important types of
computer-based countermeasures that should be used to combat those threats.

In your opinion, what are the three most
important non-computer-based countermeasures that any company or organization
should use to protect its data and information? Why are they the most

Your contribution will be evaluated based upon the threats and
countermeasures you choose and how well you explain your choices. Note that
there are no “right” answers; there are many good answers possible.

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