Critical thinking Topic: Literary Analysis: "Passing" by Nella Larsen

You can focus on the military issues, commanders, political leaders (including their wartime powers), diplomatic issues, or the lives of ordinary soldiers. At the same time, topics dealing with the homefront (role of women, wartime dissent, legal aspects of the particular war or more specific things like food shortages such as in the South during the Civil War)This paper requires that you consult at least four primary sources. These can be four seperate documents out of the Voices of Freedom book, four newspaper articles or some combination of the varius examples I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Some possibilities are provided here.

IN ADDITION, you need to include at least two secondary sources that are peer reviewed pieces (articles, books, etc.) written by historians (or someone else functioning as one). You must include sources other than your textbook (or any other textbook). The discussions prior to the documents in the Voices of Freedom reader do not count as well. Since online encyclopedias like Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, they are not valid secondary sources.

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