critical thinking in organization management

Critical Thinking: Ethical Dilemmas

Objective:                   Complete and submit Critical Thinking exercises as defined in the course Lesson and Syllabus.

Requirements:           Successful Strategic thinking Exercises will be three (3) to five (5) pages in length and incorporate the information and knowledge gained in the course.

Timing:                       Papers are due and should be submitted via the DropBox as defined in the class lesson and schedule.

Grading Criteria:







       Name, Class, Title



       Identification of Ethical Issue(s)


       Discussion from:

  1. a strictly legal standpoint
  2. a moral and ethical viewpoint
  3. what is best for the company in the long run


       Decision on how to respond to each situation



       Spelling, Grammar, Readability





Assignments must include a cover sheet with your name, class, and title of the assignment.

Below are several situations that present ethical questions in a business.

Analyze the situation:

(a) from the strictly legal viewpoint

(b) from a moral and ethical viewpoint (personal and organizational), and

(c) from the point of view of what is best in the long run for the company.

Think of yourself as a manager of the company and be sure to consider both short‑ and long‑range consequences. Also look at each situation from the perspective of all stakeholders (groups concerned: customers, stockholders, employees, government, and community).

A disgruntled employee of your major competitor mails top‑secret information or new product samples to you.  What would you do and why?

Hint: This is a business situation and requires that you respond to it from your personal and a business perspective.


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