critical analysis on "Mother Tounge" by Amy Tan

Critical Analysis Guidelines The purpose for writing a critical analysis is to evaluate someone’s work (book, essay, movie, paining, play, etc…)  in order to increase the reader’s understanding of it.  A critical analysis is subjective writing because it expresses the writer’s opinion and evaluation of the work.  Analysis means to break down and study the parts. Writing a critical paper requires two steps:  critical reading and critical writing.  CRITICAL READING: -Identify the author’s thesis/purpose -Outline the work or write a description of it -Summarize the work -Determine the purpose of the work and evaluate the means by which the author has accomplished this purpose:     -To inform with factual material?         (Has the material been presented clearly, accurately, with order and coherence?     -To persuade with appeal to reason or emotion?         (Is there evidence, logical reasoning, contrary evidence?)     -To entertain (affecting emotion?)         (How are the emotions affected?  Does it make the reader laugh, cry, get angry?  Why and how does it affect the reader this way?)  Consider the following questions: 1.  How is the material organized? 2.  Who is the intended audience? 3.  What are the writer’s assumptions about the audience? 4.  What kind of language and imagery does the author use?                  SAMPLE OUTLINE FOR CRITICAL ANALYSIS ESSAY  I.  Background information on author and essay to help readers understand the nature of the work.     A.  Title and author     B.  Publication Information     C.  Statement of Topic/Purpose II.  Thesis Statement indicating the writer’s (YOUR) main reaction to the work. III.  Summary/Description of the work IV.  Interpretation and Evaluation     a.  Organization     b.  Style     c.  Effectiveness     d.  Treatment of Topic     e.  Appeal to a Particular Audience V.  Conclusion

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