Coursework, English

Project description
Based on your results from the SmarterMeasure assessment test, write a 500-700 word reflection about how and why you are ready to take an online course. Be sure to address the following areas, and be as specific as possible:

Life Factors

Individual Attributes

Learning Styles

Reading Rate and Recall

Technical Competency

Technical Knowledge

Typing Speed Accuracy

Part 3:
In addition to the reflection, look at the way you spend your time during the week and create a schedule for your online class(es) this semester. The format of the schedule is up to you.

heres the link of my google doc which is done in advance, and the words in red color are written by professor which has to be edited. At the bottom of the pages, theres an link of the survey that should be asked to others but we didnt ask any, so can you please make up the results? Please ask me any inquiries.

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