consumer decision making

You have been asked by your organization to conduct research and prepare a paper regarding consumer groups and behavior. Select a particular consumer group that is of interest to you and analyze its demographics, psychographics, attitude, and lifestyle and make recommendations on a marketing campaign for the selected group. Specifically, your paper should:

Identify the demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle of the group
Identify any historical data of the selected group and describe what role that culture or sub-culture plays on the groups consumer behavior
Identify any group identifiers
Describe the role of group dynamics and the role that these groups play on consumer behavior of the selected group
Discuss the groups decision-making process to include:
Explaining alternative evaluation
Describing what a company/product can do to improve sales
Explaining post-purchase dissonance and how it might affect sales
Recommending techniques for reversing alternative evaluation and post-purchase dissonance
Present your findings as a report of 68 pages (body of report) formatted in APA style.

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