Consumer Behaviour in the UK Credit Card Market

1. Visit the American Express Web site.  Discuss the target market and positioning strategies for each and suggest other segments that American Express might be able to successfully target

2. How has American Express been able to help consumers shift their attitude toward usage of the card? Is American Express taking a proactive approach to managing its marketing environment? How?

3. Based on your knowledge of online buyer behaviour – provide a proposal for an effective e-marketing campaign for American Express, using social media: facebook, twitter, blogs etc. Critically discuss different ways to attract and retain consumers using different social media in the UK market. To answer this you may choose any two appropriate models of consumer behaviour.

4. Critically analyse and evaluate consumer and customer management practices adopted by American Express and how consumers react to individualised consumer-organisation interaction. (e.g. high/low involvement)

5. Discuss potential trends in buyer behavior in the Credit Card market over the next ten years. Identify companies in this sector which are responding well to the trends, and make recommendations how your company can update the way it engages with current and potential customers.

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