construction management


1 Production Management


“Construction Projects are unique and are best classified by the term ‘jobbing production’


With reference to the technological developments in construction over the previous 15 years, particularly in relation to standardisation and prefabrication, evaluate the accuracy of this statement.


2 Production Management


“The production of buildings should be carried out in similar ways to that of cars and other volume produced goods…”

Buckminster Fuller (Cited in Gann, 1996)


Fully discuss whether or not Buckminster Fuller’s vision for production in construction (as stated) can be achieved on the modern construction site.

3 Controlling and Improving Building Production


(a)     Explain what would be undertaken by a work measurement study and discuss how work measurement studies may be used to enhance construction productivity.


(b)     Explain what is involved in the preparation of a method study discussing how each step in the process would be completed and appraise the appropriateness of method study practices in modern day construction.



4 Controlling Building Production


Discuss the importance of productivity improvement in the modern Construction Industry and examine the role and relevance of ‘method study’ and ‘work measurement’ in this context.


5 Human Resources and Materials


(a)     Explain the Human Resource Planning cycle and discuss the problems that are faced by those managing construction when attempting to plan accurately for future human resource needs.


(b)     Discuss the importance of good materials management on construction sites in relation to successful performance and in relation to environmental sustainability.


(c)     Assess the advantages and disadvantages associated with a ‘JIT’ materials supply strategy on a construction project.



6 Subcontractors and Plant


(a)     Fully describe the procedures that should be followed when selecting sub contractors for future construction work.

(b)     Compare and contrast the benefits and disbenefits of construction plant ownership and construction plant hire strategies.

7 Resource Management


Most construction activity is performed by sub contractors.


(a)     Fully explain the process that a main contractor would follow to appoint subcontractors in a traditional procurement scenario.

(b)     Discuss the methods that would be used by a main contractor in order to coordinate and control the activities of sub contractors.

8 Construction Planning and Scheduling


(a)     Evaluate the usefulness of the Critical Path Method in the planning and scheduling of construction activity.

(b)     Fully explain what is meant by ‘Resource Levelling’ and ‘Resource Smoothing’.


9 Planning and Programming


(a)     The efficient use of resources is essential in any construction project.


Fully explain the terms ‘Resource Levelling’ and ‘Resource Smoothing’, using illustrations to aid your explanation where appropriate.

(b)     Fully explain the use of construction method statements and provide suitable examples of the type of information that a method statement should present.


10 Corporate Strategy


(a)       Evaluate the importance of competitive advantage to a construction company.

(b)       Discuss the difficulties that construction companies face in achieving competitive advantage.

(c)       Outline the sources of competitive advantage that are available to construction companies


11 Strategic Management


A construction company’s future depends on its corporate plans and strategy.


Fully explain the strategic planning process that would be followed by a construction company when developing a new or revised corporate plan for their construction business.

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