construct an argument that addresses issues, concepts, and/or contradictions of race, class, or gender.

Audience: Is your argument geared toward a particular audience (men need to hear this, or: women, please take note…)? Does your argument reflect an awareness of the issues? Are you able to back up arguments with logic, stats, other author’s ideas, and/or emotional pleas? If you can’t make straightforward claims can you suggest likely possibilities?
Focus: Avoid generalizing (for example, about men and/or women). Address stereotypes but avoid the use of stereotypes to back up claims. Are there exceptions to your argument? Do you need to recognize the opposition? Be sure to have a specific focus.
Possible Topics (for example, gender): gender bias in work, gender bias in the sciences, in sports, in politics… Women’s or men’s health issues. The family and/or changes in the make-up of families. Gender differences in education, in income, in life expectancy. Sexism in advertising. Miss America. Programs for boys or for girls. Code Pink, professional wrestling, pornography, prostitution, fatherhood, gay rights, perceptions and/or stereotypes of particular groups, the future of feminism, “manhood,” and/or sex discrimination…

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