Compare the U.S. Criminal Justice System to Another Country's

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submit an essay comparing and contrasting the U. S. Criminal Justice System with another country’s criminal justice system of your choice and is due in Week 8. Using the outline and notes you have maintained throughout the course, you will prepare an analysis which compares and contrasts the two systems. At a minimum, your analysis should include similarities and/or differences in the following areas:

Purpose and structure of the criminal justice system and the levels of law enforcement in each country
Historical underpinnings of the legal system
Applicable legal tradition (s) of the legal system
Applicable theoretical models, i.e., crime control v. due process models, consensus v. conflict models
Overview of substantive and procedural requirements for search, arrest and conviction
Procedural safeguards provided individual citizens
Emphasis placed on the four basic responsibilities of police
Levels, geographical and subject-matter jurisdiction of courts
Description of the members of the “courtroom work group”
Pre-trial, trial and appeal processes
Correctional emphasis
Contemporary challenges
Hiring standards for police, i.e., education, standards, training, etc.

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