case study of a person with a disability

Acquired Brain injury (Traumatic 12 months post injury): You are a 35 year old female

living in Cloncurry in North Western Queensland with your husband and 1 small child.

Paraplegia (Complete Level Thoracic 6) (12 months post injury): You are a 33 year female

living in Ayr in North Queensland. You live with your husband and 2 school age children.

Huntington’s Disease (advanced ): You are a 36 year old man living

with your wife and 2 teenage sons in Emerald in Central Queensland.

Multiple Sclerosis (5 years post diagnosis): You are a 41 year old man living with

your sister and her 2 primary school aged children in Goondiwindi in South West Queensland.

End Stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (requiring 24 hour/day oxygen):

You are a 48 year old female living alone in Miles in South West Queensland.

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