Case Study, Management

Project description
This requires students to demonstrate understanding of an organisational issue related to operations management. This will be a live brief from \’Ruyi Lifestyle Activewear\’ company. Students will be required to analyse the key issues and provide recommendations in a 1500 word report.

The detail:
-1500 word business report with introduction, analysis and recommendations
-Introduction: what are you setting out to write about
-A brief macro analysis of the industry (e.g PESTLE)
-A brief micro analysis of the company (e.g SWOT)
-Include a description and analysis of the operations for Ruyi Lifestyle (as a start-up)
-Provide key recommendations for the operations function what could the company do better and why

A brief outline of the company:
-Ruyi Lifestyle is a start-up ready to wear company that started operation 10 months ago.
-It operates within the active wear / athleisure wear sector
-It designs and manufactures products for women in the UK

marking sheet:
-10%: Preliminaries & Introduction: Clear identification of the topic, set in a business and academic framework. Good background information and demonstrates that main ideas can be clearly introduced

-20%: Understanding and application of current research which is relevant to the chosen topic. Broadly identifying the key competitors and general market structure. (A PEST analysis can be used)

-30%: Internal company analysis with a focus on the operations of the company: demonstrating an understanding of the company in relation to its competition and its target market (customers). Identifying key stakeholders and the key operational issues. (A SWOT analysis, focusing on operations management can be used)

-30%: Conclusions, Recommendations & Personal Reflection: Conclusions and recommendations clearly and coherently presented; effective discussion and links made to the external and internal analysis, highlighting learning points for the company

-10%: Presentation, layout and formatting: Presentation and layout in an appropriate form (including Harvard referencing and format of dissertation). Observed the 1500 word limit (plus or minus 10%) Shows good spelling and grammar practice; use of tables, diagrams, pictures and graphs if needed.
(Total mark on 100%)

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