Business plan

Words: 250
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

With the demographics of a fictitious emergency management agency provided below, you will articulate and design the 10 step strategic planning cycle process around two components of the SWOT analysis (i.e. one strength and one weakness, or one strength and one challenge, etc.) based on the agency’s past performance.

A mission and vision should be articulated with a goal to promote the outward expression of what the agency stands for.

After considering all of the factors outlined in the case study information, a SWOT analysis should be conducted and one Strength, one Weakness, one Opportunity and one Threat should be examined and proffered for the strategic agenda.

For each identified SWOT component, you must articulate the strategic issue as a question.

By using two components of the SWOT analysis (i.e. one strength and one weakness, or one strength and one challenge, etc.) develop 3 major proposals for implementation to answer the respective SWOT component’s issues. The action items must be defined and scheduled for implementation on realistic terms.

Describe the methods that will be used to implement or operationalize the issues of the plan; including resource management, budgeting, and accountability measures. This should include at least one charted cost breakdown (budget spreadsheet) for each action item. These charted cost breakdowns will not count for more than 2 pages of your total length requirement.

Finally, the desired expectation for each of the action item sets (not each individual item) must be defined briefly (in bullet fashion) to ensure performance measurement.

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