Building effective teams

1. Explain the reasons for including specific functional areas in an organizational team in terms of the advantages offered and the type of role an individual would fill.
2. Describe the characteristics of effective team members and explain how those characteristics support a team effort.
3. Explain how to effectively communicate team objectives to team members and consider the consequences of failing to do so.
4. Explain strategies for delegating responsibility within a team, how the strategies take into account individual strengths, and how responsibility is delegated fairly.
5. Explain effective methods for building trust and respect among team members and compare those methods to behaviors that undermine trust.
6. Describe strategies for handling conflict between members of a team and consider the consequences of not dealing with conflict.
7. Explain how the success of a team is measured, include a desrption of the tools and process to be used.
8. APA Format, double spaced, Times New Roman-12 point font

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