BUDGET Project:

Operating Budget Preparation and Analysis (Links to Course Objectives 6 and 7):

The purposes of this assignment are to develop your analytical skills, expected for health care administration, and to apply course content.

An annual operating budget for a health care organization with accompanying schedules and narrative analysis will be completed by each student. An income statement and appropriate supporting schedules will be prepared in good form after being provided a baseline income statement and assumptions regarding future events and conditions. The analysis will take into account the type of facility, its environment, mission, strategic plan, payer mix, and other factors. Students should draw upon all relevant material presented throughout this and previous courses (e.g., MGMT Classes), coupled with their own experience, in completing this project. The final work should include an Income Statement, supporting schedules, and narrative analysis and be no more than 8 pages in length. It should provide a reasonable projection of an organization’s activities and address the most important aspects of the organization’s financial operations. Details of this project, as well as supplemental readings and exercises, will be made available in the course content section of the WebTycho classroom.


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