Book/movie review Topic: Civil War 1861-1865

Words: 329
Pages: 2
Subject: Essays

Book review on Michael Shaara’s The Killer Angels.

** For the book review summarize the plot in less than two or three paragraphs. The remainder of the paper should be devoted to your interpretation and analysis of the characters, the plot and subplots, the author’s purpose and objectives and whether the book, in your opinion, was a good read. You will also want to tell how this book relates to what you are learning in the course. This same strategy should be used when writing your movie reviews. Do not simply tell me what the movie is about. Analyze the movie and tell me how it relates to what you have read in this course.

***A good review should answer the following questions, not necessarily in the order listed.

What materials does the book cover? (Should be summarized briefly.)

What is the author’s thesis and major supporting arguments? How well does the author support the thesis? (The author’s use of evidence and the soundness of the author’s reasoning are relevant here.)

How is the book organized? (Chronologically or topically?)

What is the author’s “approach”? That is, would you classify the work as political history, social history, economic history, intellectual history, etc.? (Make sure you understand what is meant by economic history or intellectual history before using these terms!)

What are the literary qualities? Is the book well-written or does it read like a badly written insurance policy?

Who is the author and what are the author’s biases?

What did the book add to your understanding of the subject? Did you enjoy the book? Why or why not?

If you have read other books on the same general topic, how does this book compare? Most important, how does the interpretation (thesis) of this book differ from that of the others?

Again, these questions need not be answered in any specific order, but all of them should be addressed, however briefly, somewhere in the review.

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