Body weight and physical fitness

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1. Psychological health, stress and its management; 2. Reproductive health; 3. Cancer (breast, cervical, skin, prostate, colorectal, etc.); 4. Body weight and physical fitness; 5. Cardiovascular health; 6. Diabetes; 7. Nutrition; 8. Addiction and substance abuse; 9. Death and dying; 10. Infections and immunity. Students may also chose other themes or topics, but they need to get an approval from the instructor. In their papers, students will present a selected disorder or health issue and discuss the impact of the diorder or health issue on the individual, family, and community/society. Student are expected to combine their own thoughtful analysis with ideas and information found in a minimum of three other sources. Therefore, as in any scholarly writing, students should not merely copy information from another author, but use evidence to support the contentions they have drawn from their findings and critically analyze related literature – this paper has to be an analytical paper, not a summary of readings.

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