Benefits of Effectively Coping with Stress

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 Effective stress management results to various benefits not only to the individual well being but also to the society at large. However, many Individuals do not effectively manage stress until the conditions worsens. Adopting stress relaxing practices repels the negative outcomes of stress and at the same time results to positive aspects such as enhanced productivity, peace of mind and overall health in the long run (Lehrer et al, 2007).  During periods of stress, the body produces hormones such as adrenaline which prepares the body for fight and flight. After the incidence however, the body should relax but that is not always the case since the stressing situations arise day by day due to the modern lifestyle. Hence, stress hormones are continuously released by the body. Since the hormones are catabolic, they consume the stored energy which, would otherwise be utilized for normal growth and development by the cells (Lehrer et al, 2007).

As a result, effective ways of copping with stress comes in handy in eradicating stress hormones, which relaxes the body due to production of anti-stress hormones or endorphins, which increases the overall well being of an individual. Some of the way to achieve this is through visualization, journaling, progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), breathing exercises, guided imagery and meditative techniques. These practices aid in attainment of the alpha state, which may be referred to as self-hypnosis. The procedures curb the release of stress hormones (Lehrer et al, 2007).

Stress management declines the probability of heart patient to encounter a cardiac episode. Besides, it helps in cost savings as financial costs incurred by those individuals who engage in stress management is much lower as compared to those who do not. These benefits are long-term resulting to sustainable financial savings. Stress programs allow the patient to recognize physical, emotional, behavioral as well as cognitive outcomes of stress and positively respond towards them. It could be managed though enough sleep, right eating habits and regular physical exercises, listening to relaxing music, laughing and regular sex (Murphy & Schoenborn, 1993).

Excess stress may be detrimental to health since it causes headaches, improper digestion, heart illnesses, hypertension and stroke, which would be absent if stress management was practiced. Stress relieving improves health, which increase productivity and allows one to become organized and positively participate in the building of the society (Lehrer et al, 2007).

Additionally, stress management comes with a strong immune system to be able to fight against pathogens. Chronic stress destroys the immune system, which adversely affect an individual’s well being and therefore, it should be eliminated. Moreover, stress leads to major depression and in managing it, one is able to assess the signs of depression and therefore, prevent it from happening. Such aspects aid one to gain necessary skills in handling stressful scenarios. Stress management benefits the society in that individuals don’t have to boycott working or undergo workers’ compensation due to stress related disorders. One becomes more efficient, acquires positive attitude and therefore, more performance. Health wise, related symptoms decline, one gets enough sleep, less anxious, less use of medication, physiological relaxation and enhanced self-esteem (Murphy & Schoenborn, 1993).

Long term stress reduces the capacity to perform and attain maximum productivity at school and at the workplace, thus it should not be ignored. Besides, apart from affecting an individual’s well being it also determines the way one interacts with the environment and the society at large. One should not only determine the cause of stress but also have a stress journal, which is crucial to evaluate the degree of stress and its effects. This helps one to plan strategies to manage stress and regain control in life. One is also able to handle emotions for overall emotional wellbeing (Murphy & Schoenborn, 1993).

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