battles between the congress and the president

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The following options are to be reviewed and all 160 or so of you are to fully and cogently respond to one of the following statements about the battles between the congress and the president from 1787-present day.

1. Contrast the role of the president and the US Senate in terms of their ability to affect the national security agendas of the United States? Which institution has more power? Why?

2. Who should have the authority to declare war: the president or the senate or the house? Explain your answer.

3. Who should set domestic policy agendas on health care and safety nets: the house, senate, or president?Why??

4. Richard Neustadt claimed that, “presidential power is the power to persuade.” If you use this definition as correct, how powerful has President Obama been during his first term?

5. What kind of president is Barack Obama?  HINT: WHIG VS STEWARSHIP THEORY OF THE EXECUTIVE.

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