At the 1946 National Convention Newfoundlanders debated their entry into Confederation. What were the pro and anti Confederation arguments and did Newfoundland make the right decision?

In this assignment you are asked to assume the role of an imaginary figure in Canadian history.  Once you have selected you subject, your first task is to become familiar with the historical context in which the individual operated.  This is crucial.  In order to reach conclusions that reflect the time and place of you subject’s life, you must understand the events in which he or she participated. Your essay should reveal to the reader why specific attitudes were adopted, why decisions were made and why actions were taken by your chosen figure, in a particular period on Canadian history.  If your imaginary figure adopts a role that is different from what was the norm at that time, make this clear to the reader.  In what ways does your character typify the times in which he or she lived? One way to achieve this goal is through the use of informational or explanatory footnotes.

a) J. K. Hiller, “Newfoundland Confronts Canada, 1867-1949,” in E. Forbes and                            D.Muise, eds., The Atlantic Provinces in Confederation (Toronto, 1993): 349-38
b) Peter Neary, Newfoundland in the New Atlantic World, 1929-1949 (Montreal, 1988)            c) R. Blake, Canada at Last: Canada Integrates Nfld as a Province (Toronto, 1994

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