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Virtually every human being uses arguments because virtually every human being
discusses claims with the aim of defending their own positions and attacking those of
others. The ability to detect bad arguments and to construct good ones is a skill which can
be developed methodically. Through an examination of popular and scholarly articles,
online media, film, and other sources, students will acquire the conceptual tools to
recognize, evaluate, formulate and attack arguments in their written, oral and group work.
This course focuses on moral reasoning and students will have the opportunity to apply
their skills in discussions about substantive moral issues. But many of the skills needed to
construct good moral arguments are broadly applicable, and students will gain some
familiarity with other types of reasoning, such as that which we find in political discourse
and in the social sciences
Instruction files

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sample_1.pdf(87,07 KiB)
sample_2.pdf(67,28 KiB)

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