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Use of the 5 Ps framework: You are required to analyse all of the 5 Ps but you are free to give greater emphasis to some of the 5 Ps than others. If one of the 5 Ps does not fit your company, you should explain why.
Each of the 5 Ps is based on a considerable body of literature and you are encouraged to delve into this literature to gain a deeper insight into each of the 5 Ps. For example, the definition of strategy as position is based on the work of Michael Porter (2004) and the Boston Consulting Group (Stern and Stalk, 1998), among others.
Presenting your analysis of the 5 Ps of your companys strategy in 3,000 words is a difficult task and should not be underestimated. It is strongly advised that you use diagrams to help you present your findings clearly and economise on words.
Carry out original research: Your analysis should be based on data that you have collected and analysed yourself. As a minimum, it is suggested that you use your companys website, its official reports, and press releases as sources of data. Further, to analyse a number of the 5 Ps you will likely need to collect data over a number of years, for example strategy as pattern.
Conduct a critical evaluation: For this assignment, it is not enough to describe your companys strategy. You will need to consider the limitations of their strategy also. The 5 Ps framework can help to you to critically evaluate your companys strategy. For example, you may feel that your company is paying insufficient attention to one or more of the 5 Ps or that the relationships between some of the 5 Ps is problematic.
Present a clear and convincing argument: The quality of your argument will likely be a key determining factor in the grade you receive. Your report should say something meaningful about your companys strategy and you should be able to summarise this message in no more than three sentences. Further, it should be clear from the report how the analysis supports your argument.
The assignment must include an abstract, an analysis section and a critical evaluation section. The expected content for each section is provided below. The sections will be weighted as follows:
Abstract – 10%
Section 1 60%
Section 2 30%
The abstract should present the following:
Description of the company chosen.
Rationale for choosing the company.
The argument of the report.
Description of the data used for the analysis.
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