Assignment, Computer sciences and Information technology

Project description
This assignment reflects an accumulation of the individual assignments from Weeks One through Four, which included building tables and fields, relationships, forms, and queries, combined with the additional task of creating reports.

*Using the database you created in Week One, create the following reports using the queries created in Week Four.
_Use the Report Wizard to create a report named, \’Average Price\’, using the \’Less Expensive Items\’ query, that shows the items and the average price of all items when executed.
_Display the items in descending price order (most expensive first).
_Create an invoice report named, \’Customer Invoice Report\’, using the Customer Invoice query.
_Calculate and display the total for each order for the selected customer.
_Group this report by OrderID and then by all the Customer Information.
_Add sorting to the report so that the order items sort by quantity.

Note: If you don\’t have multiple items in your order you will need to add them along with different quantities.

*Review the Access database that you have created in Weeks One through Five, along with any feedback you received from your instructor, and ensureyou have successfully completed the following:
_Created a functional relational Access database
_Created tables, with both the tables and fields described accurately
_Modified, as appropriate, the fields in the tables
_Created primary keys and established relationships with properly joined tables
_Created forms with the proper controls using the form wizard
_Created queries that manage tables, relationships, manipulated fields, calculated totals, and generated calculated fields
_Created reports using the report wizard that use groupings, totals, and appliedsorting, and filtering within the reports
Added on 20.10.2016 18:31
here is the link for my file where you have to work on for this week assignment

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