Assignment, Computer sciences and Information technology

Project description
Assessment Task:

Your submission must include:

1.A Daily Incident Assessment of the Case Study given below
2.An academic report/essay reviewing and evaluating the organisations options to prepare them for any future incidents.

Consider the following scenario:

The Executive Gift Company was founded in 2013 and sells high quality gifts through its mail order catalogue and website. Orders can be placed by phone or via the website. Payments are taken either by credit / debit card or using PayPal. Marketing, administration and finance departments are based in Liverpool, with a dispatch depot based in North Wales. In early 2015 the Board of Directors agreed that steps should be taken to become ISO 27001 certified, and this process is currently underway.

Initially a UK based organisation, the company currently only ships within the UK, but it has very recently been bought by a large Chinese distribution company who plan to extend sales into East Asia. The company currently has in excess of 1.5 million customers this is expected to rise dramatically in the next few years.

The Chinese buyout has been met with a great deal of anxiety by existing employees. The existing Chief Executive has appeared on UK TV expressing concerns for the companys future, and the cleaning contractors who have worked for the company since it launched have been laid off in favour of a cheaper alternative.


Assessment Task continued

Incident Outlines

5th March 2016
During a routine security system check, Ellen, one of the network administrators, spots an unusual spike of activity on one of the web servers occurring during the early hours of the morning. She checks back through the previous few days logs and sees nothing similar, so decides to ignore the information.

23rd August 2016
Ellen notices that a user with standard permissions has been trying to access files that belong to the accounts group. There are numerous attempts to log into these secure files over several days and Ellen suspects that someone is trying to compromise the system. She puts together a brief report and forwards it to the IT Security Manager.

25th August 2016
The IT Security Manager studies the system logs, and discovers that the read volume for the customer database has increased dramatically.

Main Tasks

Question 1 Incident Assessment

For each of the incidents on the 5th March, 23rd August and 25th August write a short paragraph (around 400 words each) explaining, with reasons, your opinion of the potential problem(s) and the appropriate actions the company should have taken. Your suggestions should be supported by appropriate documents. You should consider:
What additional questions you may need to ask
What additional information you may need from the log files
Who the potential threats may be in these incidents
What are the potential risks to the organisation from these threats

Question 2 Security Management Report

Write an academic report/essay (around 1500 words) discussing the key steps the company should take to prepare for future incidents. You should demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of Security Management and a critical understanding of current problems and solutions. You should consider and evaluate:
What risks are there at present, how can these risks be mitigated?
What vulnerabilities exist in the system, and how can these be appropriately managed?
What standards and policies should be in place, and how can these help the organisation manage future threats.

Marking SchemeMaximum marks available
Daily Incident Assessment30 marks
Essay comprising introduction, main body and conclusion
30 marks
Logical organisation of thoughts and arguments; brevity, clarity, and understanding.
20 marks
Presentation, style, punctuation, spelling and grammar
10 marks
Bibliography and references to it in the body of the text. Originality
10 marks

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