Analyze where and how ethics and sustainability affect the organization’s innovation strategy and execution.

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Pages: 2
Subject: Essays

The following required readings are available full-text in the Capella University Library. Search for the article by clicking the linked title and following the instructions in the Library Guide:
Collis and Rukstad’s 2008 article, “Can You Say What Your Strategy Is?,” in Harvard Business Review, volume 86, issue 4, pages 82�90.
Porter’s 1996 article, “What Is Strategy?,” in Harvard Business Review, volume 74, issue 6, pages 61�78.
ecommended Video
In the following optional video, Michael Porter explains strategy:

Leaders in London (Producer). (2009). What is strategy? [Video]. Available from
This assignment, builds on the readings in this unit, as well as the information from Units 3 and 4; your research and evaluation will be on strategic management, innovation, planning, and ethics. This assignment gives you an opportunity to demonstrate what you learned at Residency and have applied to your coursework since then.
Select a publicly traded organization (both a different industry and different company from the one you used in the Unit 2 assignment) that has demonstrated success in its industry in the last five (5) years. Using this organization, address the following:
Recap the key points of theory covered for strategy, innovation, planning, and ethics, comparing and contrasting each.
Identify an innovation strategy example (blue ocean, disruptive, fast second, or value) for your case study organization.
Determine which innovation strategy theory best fits this case study organization:
Explain what this organization did to create or develop and seize this opportunity.
Define which innovation theory fits this opportunity.
Explain how you reached your conclusion. What evidence did you use to make this determination?
Analyze the implications of the organization’s innovation strategy on growth. Has the organization been able to sustain success? What are its prospects for the future?
Identify and assess the factors that affected the organization’s success (or failure).
Analyze how the application of strategic management and planning has played a part in defining the organization’s ongoing innovation strategies and business model.
Analyze where and how ethics and sustainability affect the organization’s innovation strategy and execution.

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