analyze a media representation

this paper asks you to analyze a media representation of your choice using the categories from the representation unit (race, gender, class, sexual orientation, age, ability).

•    Not all categories will be applicable to all representations, but be sure to choose a representation that allows you to discuss at least two.
•    Your representation can be print, audio, visual, or audiovisual. It can be fiction or nonfiction. The only real restriction is that it be “old” or traditional media.

o    Good objects would be a news report, a song, an advertisement, or a TV episode
•    A whole TV series, ad campaign, or film is probably going to be too big to go into sufficient detail.

In a well-organized, coherent essay, first briefly summarize what your media show is about and then make an argument about what types of people or ideas are represented and how. Also, analyze the ways in which audiences interpret the representation of people and ideas. For audience interpretation, find and analyze one or more audience responses to the representation, such as the comments about the episode, song, or ad on a website. You may conduct an interview instead of using web content if you like, but this is not required.

Please note: These are critical papers that must demonstrate deep engagement with the readings (i.e., not just citing for the sake of citing) and other material covered in the course. You will need to have a clear, sustained argument throughout the paper, engage with the concepts and you have to support your arguments with (properly attributed) evidence from:
•    The representation
•    The audience reaction/reception sources, and

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