Advanced Sociology of Mental Health

Words: 192
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

Reading the weekly recommended materials is essential for grasping the issues treated during the seminar. Your comments on these materials should be between 200 and 400 words for each of the readings of the week (most weeks contain a couple of readings). The comments do not have to be highly polished work like an essay. They can be your assessment of the authors’ perspective in the readings, or thoughtful remarks on broader points that the readings have illuminated, or questions the readings have raised, or how the material relates to concepts you are already familiar with, etc. I do assess your level of engagement with the texts, meaning that I am focusing on evidence that you have read and tried to digest the argument in the readings. While slightly flawed or incomplete understandings are acceptable at this point, superficial comments (the kind that are written in 5 minutes after skimming through the readings for another 5 minutes) will not get a full mark. I expect evidence of critical thinking rather than a flat reproduction of the ideas in the materials.
Full marks are given if you submit comments on all the readings of the respective week.

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