9-11 trade centers and pentagon

9-11 Tragedies)
I. Introduction
A.  Why did both of these accidents happen especially why they targeted the pentagon?
B.  How they built it so tall without falling? Terrorists how many and what time they took over.

II. First Main Point: The World Trade Center
A. How it was built?
1. The structure of it and the way it was built.
2. What engineers said about the building.
B.  What was the main point of having them built in the first place/
1. Why they built it?
2. Why was it built so tall to be a trade center?

III. Second Main Point: Terrorist Attacks
A. How many there were?
1. Why did they choose so many people?
2. What was there point behind doing this?
B. Why they choose specific amounts of time before them taking planes over?
1. Amount of time before getting in the cockpit to take over the plane.
2.  What caused the terrorist to do this?

IV. Third Main Point: Attack on the Pentagon
A. Why did they target the Pentagon?
1. What caused them to hit the pentagon.
2. Was it on purpose to hit the pentagon.
B. Was hitting the pentagon part of their plan.
1. yes if so explain
2. if not why

VI. Conclusion:
A. how this effected people
B. should they have gotten to go on the plane since they looked suspicious in the airport.
C. Explain why this information is important or useful.

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