Informatics Related Research Study

The purpose of this project is for students to learn about both the tools used to find research studies and the components and methods used for academic studies.  For each of the following present the question in Bold and your answer in regular type.

Once completed, post both your assignment document and a copy of the study to the appropriate submit location on Blackboard.

  1. Find an electronic version of a study that has been published in a referred academic journal that is on a topic that relates to your future career.  For example, you might find a study on e-commerce, electronic media, network design, network robustness, changes in media audiences, or organizational use of information.

Provide the citation for the study here.  10 pts.

  1. What is the abstract of the article?  (This is usually a 200 word or less article summary) 10 pts (this is your only cut and paste answer)
  1. Was the study experimental or non-experimental?  Explain.  10 pts
  1. Was the research qualitative or quantitative?  Explain.  10 pts
  1. What was the population studied?  5 pts


  1. What sample was used for this study? 5 pts
  1. Method of measurement  10 pts
  1. If the research was quantitative, was the measurement scale used, Nominal, Ordinal, Interval or Ratio?
  1. If the research was qualitative, what data was collected?
  1. Methods of analysis  10 pts
  1. If the research was quantitative, what statistical tools were used to analyze the data?
  1. If the research was qualitative, in what manner was the data analyzed?
  1. What was the conclusion of the study?  10 pts
  1. Why is this study useful to you?  Explain in detail.  10 pts
  1. What would be the next logical step in extending this study?  10 pts

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