Write a research report outlining your approach to client socialisation.

Write a research report outlining your approach to client socialisation.An important component of being a successful counselor is to actively reflect on one’s professional and personal life. To assist in this journey, each week you will complete a Reflective Journal, that is a private journaling experience that only the instructor will be able to view. Each week you will be given a prompt to respond to, reflective journaling will assist you in practicing these reflective self-care skills.

The journal entries should be considered “free-writing,” and therefore are not required to follow APA formatting or be cited material from journals or your text. The expectation is that you take time to personally and professionally reflect and provide meaningful thoughts that will help you to explore who you are as a helping professional.

For the journal entry for this week, respond to the following journal:

How do you feel about “socializing” with previous or current clients, whether it is in person or on social media? Do you feel that this violates boundaries?

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