Write a research paper that explains what a reflection paper’s introduction looks like.

Write a research paper that explains what a reflection paper’s introduction looks like.Make sure APA is perfect. refereces italic.
Please write as if you were me student in the class learning all this. do not bring any outside source only class material. Each “even” week (i.e., every other week) you will be responsible for reading from your textbooks. You will need to write a short reaction paper (approx. 500) on the readings. In the paper, you can address things you’ve learned, things that still need to be investigated, how these topics might apply in practice, and/or any issues you see with the theory or research as it’s presented. You do NOT need to cover all of the questions. They’re just ideas that you can use or not use in your reaction papers. At least one application point must be included.
week 7
inteligence creativity pdf

scientific racism

week 8
language education personality pdf

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