Write a research paper that addresses the topic of “E-learning: A Critical Review of Harmonising AI with Experiential Learning Theory.”

Write a research paper that addresses the topic of “E-learning: A Critical Review of Harmonising AI with Experiential Learning Theory.”This is a critical literature review, I will give the part I have done, please help me finish remaining part: literature review 9 pages, critical analysis 9 pages, implication for practice 4 pages and conclusion 2 pages. Please note that the part you write must be connected with my previous part. The total sources is 20. I have mentioned 7 sources in the pervious part. I will give you 13 sources, if you think these 13 articles have some doesn’t fit my topic you can change it. But please make sure the remaining part mentioned all 13 articles. Please also be aware of plagiarism and AI check. The key theory is David Kolb’s experiential learning, please keep mind of this theory. Thank you!
Here is the paper requirements:
1.Describe the context for your work on this topic. For example, are you focusing on adults in the public or private sector? a particular industry? entry level or seasoned practitioner? people within a particular culture? characteristics of the organization in question?
2) Define the topic you are exploring, and identify the databases you explored for this discussion. Your literature review should include key authors in the field who have defined the issues and key theories. It should also cover key research studies on the topic. If your review results show up with too much literature, it is a signal that you have not sufficiently limited your topic. Seek to limit it by contextual variables, such as the industry in which you are interested, or studies conducted in the last 5 or 10 years.
3) Do not discuss each work in depth as you would in a book review. A literature review focuses on identifying patterns. On the other hand, you should provide enough depth so that
your readers understand the nature of the work being discussed.
4) Your literature review should also be critical. By that we mean, you should identify assumptions, values, and beliefs that influence the design of studies (for example, too much
focus on a particular population; a viewpoint that leads an author to a narrow focus that misses other important issues; research that does not consider class, race, or gender).
5) Use the literature to draw implications for practice. For example:
▪ What are the major problems of practice that emerge as a result of this review?
▪ What implications does the literature hold for program design, development, and implementation?
▪ What assumptions of the profession (and those you hold individually) are called into question as a result of this literature review?
8. Student Teaching/fieldwork/practicum/internship requirements and information

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