Write a research paper outlining your process for using Excel to practise data analysis.

Write a research paper outlining your process for using Excel to practise data analysis.This is a data exercise to bolster your understanding of how to use quantitative data to make an informed decision.You can submit one Word document and one Excel document, maximum two documents. (Note the excel document can have various sheets. Make sure you answer each question in a way where i can understand what question you are answering. Please do not submit 5 or 6 different excel documents . Use one excel document but different sheets for each answer.

If you chose to put everything in one Word document, that is fine also. Put the number of the question you are answering at the top of each answer and include your table or chart or graph, as well as your explanation.

If you are submitting answers in one Excel document, then put all your excel sheets in one document and name each sheet accordingly. One excel document can have multiple sheets, (the assignment itself has two sheets, one named Felonious and the other named Accidental). Therefore name the excel sheets in a way I understand what question you are responding to. Also ensure that you write your explanation in each sheet and that I can read the information in the excel sheets.

Further clarification added from announcement:

Q5 should be a graph for totals for each year, not for each state. You can create a graph in excel. The best way to do this is to present the totals of accidentally and feloniously killed side by side for easy comparison. You can also use excel to create a graph.

Q7 is asking about policy recommendations based on the analysis. (what would be your priority? Which state or states, and would you focus on feloniously killed or accidentally killed?) Here I am asking which state would be your priority to spend your budget on and would you spend your budget addressing feloniously killed or accidentally killed?

In Q2 and Q3, you should calculate the mean, median and mode over the years 2007-2016 for each state in both accidentally killed and feloniously killed. Ensure when calculating these you are not adding the totals in the first column. Note: You can use excel to calculate mean and the median; and the mode is not hard to figure out.

Please note that the purpose is to use the information you get from these calculations to make informed decisions.

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