Write a research paper about the relationship between medical coding and pathology and pharmacology.

Write a research paper about the relationship between medical coding and pathology and pharmacology.Pathology, pharmacology, and coding all work together and are equally important in documentation in HIM. For this assignment, write a one-to-two page reflection on what you have learned this term, specifically:

o How are coding, pathology, and pharmacology connected?
o Why is it important to understand all three to code appropriately?
o How will your understanding of these impact you, specifically, in your HIM career and Journey?
Use the following good writing principles and requirements to format your paper:
o Spelling and grammar count!
o The paper should begin with the title and your name centered at the top of the page
o The first paragraph should be an introduction that introduces your idea and the overall theme of your paper.
o The next two to three paragraphs are the body of the paper and should include your arguments and facts to support them
o The final paragraph should be your conclusion that ties all of the ideas of your paper together and connects them to the idea you introduced in your first paragraph. This should contain your final conclusion statement.
o You must have a properly cited reference page for any sources used in your paper. Remember, listing the url of a website is not a citation.

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