Write a paper outlining the process of a senior client’s biopsychosocial assessment.

Write a paper outlining the process of a senior client’s biopsychosocial assessment.
From your work with an older client prepare a bio-psycho-social assessment. Please give special attention to any personal or societal historical events, which may have played a significant role in client’s life.

Based on your assessment please discuss treatment goals and rational for treatment decisions.
What treatment modalities will be used? Please discuss your choice of treatment modality and give supporting evidence as to why you have selected this method/s. For example, supportive counseling, Cognitive Behavioral therapy.

Please include any significant others who may play a pivotal role in the client’s treatment plan, i.e., adult children, spouses, care givers, and medical professionals etc.

Finally, please discuss any relevant theories pertaining to your work with this client, i.e., the Strengths Perspective, the Continuity theory etc.

All papers should be 8-10 pages double spaced, use APA style and include 6-8 citations. Midterms are due the 7th class of the semester.

If you don’t have an older client that you can use for this assignment please read the book
Mary Todd Lincoln: A Biography, By Jean Harvey Baker (2008) WW Norton and Co.

Or you may watch the film, Still Alice and use Alice as the client for your analysis for this paper.

Or you may watch the film, The Farewell and use the Grandmother as the client for your analysis.

Attention: I have attached an old midterm that required me to do a Biopsychosocial Assessment for another fictional character to give you an idea. The BPS should not be as long as the example I provided. The bulk of the paper should be responding to the prompts relevant to the case info.

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