Write a paper elucidating the distinction between moral cleansing and moral licencing.

Write a paper elucidating the distinction between moral cleansing and moral licencing.

Moral licensing” is a phenomenon in social psychology where a person subconsciously registers themselves to have “banked” a certain amount of “morality points” based on good things they’ve done throughout their lives. The more “morality points” people perceive themselves of having accrued, the less likely they are to pay attention to ethical matters. In other words, they feel they have earned a certain amount of leeway in ethical matters because they have been such a good and virtuous person.
Discussion Prompt
This week you are to respond to the following prompt and are encouraged to engage in some self-reflection and personal disclosure to the degree you are comfortable:
* Where do you think moral licensing plays a part in how you engage with the world? Provide at least one specific example.
* How do you see moral licensing as being a problem for businesses? Give a specific example supported by research (article(s)).

Each discussion board requires two total posts.
Initial Post
* NOTE: You are required to make your first post by noon on the due date. This will allow everyone to post throughout the day. Failure to make your initial post by noon will result in lost points. Your initial post should be between 150-250 words and include any sources (APA citation and reference list) for the information.

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