What is the proper way to phrase “blockbuster” in a research paper?

What is the proper way to phrase “blockbuster” in a research paper?Companies fail every day and not just small businesses. When big business fails, it catches our eye, our attention, and sometimes our economy. So why does a business fail? Our course purpose is not to prevent failure but to see it coming and protect ourselves. Choose a recent business failure that you can find information about. (Don’t pick a local small business that may be difficult to find resources about.) Do some research on the company both pre-failure and post-failure. Why did the company fail: was it inventory source issues? Was it inventory movement issues? Was it cash flow? Was it poor management? Was it financial fraud? MAKE SURE YOU CITE ALL SOURCES OF INFORMATION.Per the syllabus, your report should be a minimum of 3 pages. There is no minimum number of sources but you will need to do some research to get your answers. Make sure you cite your sources.

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