What is it like and, most importantly, is the culture supportive of efforts to change?

To the writer, submit a professional essay (PhD) on the corporate culture at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC), given the directions provided below. Please ensure grammar, sentence structure, and writing are checked for plagiarism using Grammarly or some form of checker. John Kotter’s Leading Change (Chapters 10 and 11) and the PodCast should also be referenced.

John Kotter persuasively argues that embedding an organizational transformation into the corporate culture is the last step of the change process, not the first step, as is so often assumed. As I discuss in the podcast, this is because cultures arise organically as a consequence of daily interactions among organizational members. It will take a long time for new behaviors to be routinized into daily interactions and thereby embedded into culture.

Take a step back from your job and your company (NASA Johnson Space Center) and attempt to think about it objectively. What is the culture like at NASA JSC? Is it flexible or bureaucratic? Is it open door or political? Is it cutthroat or family friendly? What is it like and, most importantly, is the culture supportive of efforts to change? How easy or difficult is it to get things done? What stands in the way or clears the path?


Kotter, J. P. (2012). Leading Change. (Chapter 10, 11 )

PodCast: Culture and Future Predictions

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