What did the American Revolution mean to different groups of americans?

As we have seen in this unit, the origins of the American Revolution were complicated and the outcome was more complicated than simply forming a new, sovereign national government.

In this essay, you will be analyzing and evaluating the outcome of the American Revolution using both primary and secondary sources.

In the process, you will be practicing one of the key skills in the historical thinking: evidence-based argumentation. Learning to make a clear argument that is supported by specific evidence is essential to the kind of critical thinking that your time in college should help you develop.

Ensure you have read Colonial Society (Chapter 4) and The American Revolution (Chapter 5) in the American Yawp textbook and all of the following primary sources. (links added below)

Then, in an essay of at least 5 paragraphs and 1000 words, address the following prompt:

What did the Revolution mean to different groups of Americans?

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