What are the four aspects of the business environment, and how can one write a research paper on them?

What are the four aspects of the business environment, and how can one write a research paper on them?Tony Caruso had not returned for dinner, and his wife, Karen, was nervous. She put on some sandals and hurried across the dunes, a half mile to the ocean shore. She soon came upon their dog, Blue, tied to an old picket fence. Tony’s shoes and clothing were piled neatly nearby. Karen and friends searched frantically throughout the evening. A little past midnight, Tony’s body washed ashore, his lungs filled with water. A local doctor concluded he had accidentally drowned. Karen and her friends were not the only ones who were distraught. Tony had been partners with Beth Smiles in an environmental consulting business, Enviro-Vision. They were good friends, and Beth was emotionally devastated. When she was able to focus on business issues, Beth filed an insurance claim with the Coastal Insurance Group. Beth hated to think about Tony’s death in financial terms, but she was relieved that the struggling business would receive $2 million on the life insurance policy. A little past midnight, Tony’s body washed ashore, his lungs filled with water. Several months after filing the claim, Beth received this reply from Coastal: “Under the policy issued to Enviro-Vision, we are conditionally liable in the amount of $1 million in the event of Mr. Caruso’s death. If his death is accidental, we are conditionally liable to pay double indemnity of $2 million. But pursuant to section H(5), death by suicide is not covered. “After a thorough investigation, we have concluded that Anthony Caruso’s death was an act of suicide, as defined in section B(11) of the policy. Your claim is denied in its entirety.” Beth was furious. She was convinced Tony was incapable of suicide. And her company could not afford the $2 million loss. She decided to consult her lawyer, Chris Pruitt. This case is a fictionalized version of several real cases based on double indemnity insurance policies. In this chapter, we follow Beth’s dispute with Coastal from initial interview through appeal, using it to examine three fundamental areas of law: the structure of our court systems, civil lawsuits, and alternative dispute resolution. When Beth Smiles meets with her lawyer, Chris Pruitt brings a second attorney from his firm, Janet Booker, who is an experienced litigator, that is, a lawyer who handles court cases. If they file a lawsuit, Janet will be in charge, so Chris wants her there for the first meeting. Janet probes about Tony’s home life, the status of the business, his personal finances, everything. Beth becomes upset that Janet doesn’t seem sympathetic, but Chris explains that Janet is doing her job: She needs all the information, good and bad. Janet starts thinking about the two methods of dispute resolution: litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Litigation refers to lawsuits, the process of filing claims in court, and ultimately going to trial. Alternative dispute resolution is any other formal or informal process used to settle disputes without resorting to a trial. It is increasingly popular with corporations and individuals alike because it is generally cheaper and faster than litigation, and we focus on this topic in the last part of this chapter. ^ use this source from the chapter PLUS an outside source please.

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