There are several assignments focused ONLY on pages 1-17 of Chapter 1 of the attached word document: (0) for the background essay portion, add to the essay in the appropriate placement, content about how Black women leaders have a life that requires resiliency b/c of statistical data on single motherhood, 1st generational education, poverty living, and the history of them receiving the charity assistance. (1) REVIEW each comment within the document and MAKE proper changes/edits/additions as requested by Darcel Brady and Dress for Success Indianapolis (DFSI) – after each item is completed, RESOLVE the thread and ACCEPT all deletions or additions. (2) insert (75) new citations throughout document as requested by Darcel and DFSI and to support various statements within the writing. (3) Look over when the term “They/Their” is used and be specific on who taking the “They/Their”. (4) Use citations ONLY from peer reviewed research articles (ANY YEAR) with specific details supporting statements. (5) for all research questions 1-5 (i.e., R1, R2, R3…) reconstruct the information provided under each questions w/ citations not changing the research questions as instructions are shown in PNG1 attached – think in terms of what I am researching. AND reduce information under each research question to one paragraph BUT ALSO add another paragraph of each research question with additional information to the background portion of this chapter. (6) Create a significance of the study essay as instructions are shown in PNG2 attached (7) Create a Population and Sample essay – using 10 Black women (Indianapolis Indiana area) nonprofit executives with survey, Strengthsfinder assessment, and leadership style as instructions are shown in PNG3 attached. (8) for the Description of Terms provide descriptions and citations as instructions are shown in PNG4 attached. (9) ensure a proper summary essay is added as shown in PNG5. REMINDERS: (1) DO NOT USE filler words such as Furthermore, For instance etc.. (2) take notice of the current citation references at the very end of the document – this will help you are complete the edit/review updates by Darcel Brady and Dress for Success Indianapolis

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