Brief Descriiption: Summary Report
The purpose of this assignment to examine and analyze food records for the macronutrient
content (carbohydrate, fat, protein, and subcategories) as they relate to adequacy, deficiency and
health benefits. This fulfills Learning Outcomes 1 and 4.
1. For this assessment, you are analyzing the average intakes of carbohydrate, fat and protein
with identified subcategories:
 Carbohydrate, Total
 Sugar, Total
 Dietary Fiber, Total
 Fat, Total
 Saturated Fat
 Trans Fatty Acids
 Linolenic Fatty Acid (Omega-3)
 Linoleic Fatty Acid (Omega-6)
 Cholesterol
 Protein, Total [NOTE: There are two recommendations for Protein found on the
Intake Compared to DRI Report. Please refer to the textbook to understand the
purposes for and the differences between these recommendations.]
2. Enter iProfile and click on REPORTS.
3. Select the date range that includes your food record.
The calendar on the LEFT is your Start Date. The calendar on the RIGHT is your End Date.
NOTE: iProfile will only calculate days for which food is recorded. It does not matter how
many days are selected in this date range, as long as it includes your 3-day record.
4. View the following Reports: (If you need to review how to read these reports, return to
“Reading Reports in iProfile” that was completed at the beginning of the semester.)
 Intake Compared to DRI
 Macronutrient Distribution
 Intake Spreadsheet or Single Nutrient
 MyPlate
5. Writing your Summary:

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