How would you describe the surface of Mercury? Record on lab sheet.

The Moon and Mercury are geologically dead. In contrast, the larger terrestrial planets—Earth, Venus, and Mars—are more active and interesting worlds. We will observe the inner planets and the moon in this laboratory.
Laboratory Sheet
Either run on your own computer
Accessed through the DCCC virtual computer labLinks to an external site.
Open Stellarium and turn off the ground and atmosphere.

Check your “Sky and Viewing Options” and click on “Surveys”. Check Mercury, Venus, the Moon, and Mars:

Use the Search tool to find Mercury and zoom in as far as you can using your trackpad/scroll wheel or ctrl+arrow keys. The planet should fill your Stellarium window. If you lose the planet, a quick search will bring it back into center.

Pause the time controls

How would you describe the surface of Mercury? Record on lab sheet.

Repeat for Venus, the Moon, and Mars. You will need to adjust zoom level to view the entire planet. Complete the lab sheet questions for Part 1

Open the “Sky and Viewing Options” and click on the SSO tab and check “Show Planet Orbits”.

Turn the Ground back on, but leave the Atmosphere turned off. Zoom out until you are back on Earth and the FOV (Field of View) is between 60 and 90.

Advance time until the Sun is in the sky. You should see the Venus and Mercury. You may have to click on each to show their orbits. If you don’t see orbits, check step 7 above.

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